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    We collect all the information for you to provide a complete profile of your stakeholders. With Cylix’s profiling system, you can find all of the information and a simple way to make more informed decisions. 

The Problem

You used to know all of the companies in your industry and only did business with those that you trusted and aligned with your values. But with today’s global and virtual businesses, it’s hard to really know who you’re trusting with your company’s future.

it works

Cylix Data’s platform combines over 74 million unique business data points from exclusive primary source partnerships and secondary sources into a risk profile database. 

Further, the database is refreshed to ensure the ongoing integrity of the pre-existing data, and to add any new data that becomes relevant. 

Numerous safeguards are currently in place to protect the information contained in the database including the full encryption of the database, and the use of 2-Factor Authentication protocol to log into any access point.



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How Cylix Benefits Different Professionals


Financial software that boasts complex algorithms requires data to power such products. Normally, this involves connecting to a variety of third-party data sources such as banks, legal databases, government sources and credit bureaus. By connecting to the Cylix Data API, our database can be used as a single source supplier that simplifies data flow, increases data security and cuts down on total data costs.


Cylix Data reports are a powerful account-based marketing tool that can not only put sales staff in front of the right people, but also convey critical business information to inform a sales pitch. 


Effective procurement relies on the ability to not only source the best supply for the cost, but also the ability to secure that supply for the future. Using Cylix Data, procurement professionals can ensure that they only select suppliers that are financially stable and monitor those companies on an ongoing basis to stay ahead of any changes, avoiding potential disruptions to the supply chain. 


Our database and reports provide risk management solutions across finance departments, regardless of the role. Cylix Data can provide the tools to perform due diligence, extend credit responsibly, collect receivables faster, and avoid costly litigation. 

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