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A long time customer in the building supply industry had a history of having to collect outstanding receivables through costly court cases

They began to use Cylix Data to understand their customers better rather than resort to legal action automatically

As a result, they were able to reduce the total value of legal claims by over 50%

Use of the Cylix Data platform increased in 2019 by 47% after seeing initial success in 2018

Using Cylix Data, the customer:

Reduced the total number of collections claims by 87% over 5 year

Reduced the total value of collections claims by 81%

Reduced the associated legal fees and other collections costs

As a result, the money saved was able to be deployed elsewhere

Cylix Data helped its customer understand their customers better and although covid-19 saw less revenue in 2020, they have not increased payment pressure on their customers, instead opting to work together through the pandemic.


Improving your business reputation with Cylix Data

A subsidiary of a multinational manufacturer was onboarded to the Cylix Data platform in July 2020

Although they have always met their obligations in their substantial overdraft facility at their bank, the company struggled with making prompt payments to their suppliers

As a result, their suppliers viewed them as a more risky client

In August 2019, Cylix Data’s Business Risk Scoring Algorithm rated the company as Medium Risk

Onboarding required the company to provide additional business details into the Cylix Data platform

Management was then able to properly analyze the risks related to their historical approach to accounts payable

As a result, the company worked diligently on staying current on their payables


As of March 2021, the company rates as Low Risk according to Cylix Data’s Business Risk Scoring Algorithm

2021 - LOW RISK

Also in March 2021, the company landed the largest sales contract since joining Cylix Data

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